Hollow Rock Holiness Camp Meeting

Toronto, Ohio - July 19-29, 2018

Camp Dates for 2018: July 19 - 29: Services: 10:30am, 2:30pm, 7:30pm
Evangelists: Dr. Thomas Hermiz, Dr. Charles Lake, Rev. Lane Loman, Dr. Ron Smith, Kim McLean
Bible: Dr. Victor Hamilton-2:30 service 20-26th    Music: Rev. Brock Barnhouse, Beth Smith, Jeff Capehart 
Youth / Children's Workers: Jon Truex, Stephanie Schellin & Wendy Hanks

Missionary Day

Every day is missionary day at Hollow Rock Camp Meeting!

But Thursday July 27 is our special day for featuring the world wide reach of Hollow Rock Camp.

This year we will be welcoming missionaries from World Gospel Mission and OMS International.

Details of our missionaries are coming soon.